Parent Support

by Prav

Parental Support and Understanding for Bedwetting

Parents’ awareness

A lot of children experience bedwetting and parents need to be aware of the proper way of handling this situation. Parents must learn to understand the situation and the medicine behind the condition so they can have the right attitude and right information on how to talk to their children about it.

Their Role

It would be a good idea as a parent to form a support group to handle their children’s welfare. This way the parents will be able to help and support each other in the problem of their children and this can include the bedwetting problems of their young children. This will also be a good way for parents to disseminate information about bedwetting and share information on what would be the best way to take care of the problem.

In these parental meetings they can discuss what causes the situation and what sort of treatment they have done to solve the problem. In your parental meetings you can ask a doctor to give medical advice and opinions regarding the matter. This will allow you as parents to get the medical background on bedwetting and find out if it would be necessary for you to have your children medically checked for the condition. This can also be an avenue to set things straight regarding myths on how to handle bedwetting.

There is a need for you as a parent and other parents in your group to know that old fashioned way of handing bedwetting is not really helping. Practices such as reprimanding a child, punishing them or shaming them is not contributing to solving the problem but rather, it actually aggravates the situation. This wrong handling adds to the stress and emotional problems a child is facing.  This causes a child to lose self-esteem and increase bedwetting incidents. There are still a lot of children in the United States, about 25%, who are punished for bed wetting.

Aside from emotional stress in bedwetting caused by mistreatment of parents a child can also experience a lot of stress from his or her peers and it would be wise for a parent to be able to provide support in these instances. Children can be very mean and there is a constant fear in children who wet their beds that other children find out and get teased by it. This can often limit a child’s social interaction and development of social skills. The degree of social ostracism by his or her friends can tremendously add to the emotional trauma a child can experience. These things must be taken in to account by parents in handling the situation.

As parents, it is not enough that the physical problems are addressed by the condition but also the emotional and psychological effect that it can have in our children. That is why it would be really be helpful if parents would be able to discuss this with one another and provide different solutions to further help solve the problem and to prevent the situation from actually aggravating.