Supportive Community

by Prav

Creating a Supportive Community for Bedwetting

Most parents of bed wetting children would choose to keep this situation in the family; after all not all people would understand the real deal behind this condition.  However, would it not be better for the child and other children with the same condition to have a community that understands and supports them?

Decide to Raise Awareness

Raising awareness in communities is definitely not an easy thing; it is not a surprise to find people who are resistant to topics that you broach.  Nevertheless, there are people who are ready to listen and are not hesitant to help their community understand.  Bed wetting is something that people do not talk about because it is a topic that has suffered a lot of mistaken definitions.  There are more people who think that nocturnal enuresis is either an abnormality or a disease.

We cannot blame these people; with the much ambiguous literature floating about, wrong information about this condition easily gets passed on as the right information.

Raising awareness need not be a painful and futile exercise though; in fact, it should be treated as a topic that is generally misunderstood as very serious when in fact, it is a condition that is quite common and can easily be treated. Even if you do not have a child that suffers from it, you may decide to be the one to educate people about it. If you have a child that suffers from nocturnal enuresis, having the support of your community may not only help your child open up socially, but will also help you deal with this condition better.

Where to Start

The best way to start raising awareness is to know your subject by heart.  It is not enough to gather information from just one or two pediatricians; you can also research on the topic online through parent forums and medical forums.

There are many explanations to what bed wetting is, how to diagnose it and how to treat it.  You might want to verify your facts before starting to talk about it.  You can actually start sharing your findings with your family and friends.  Try to state them matter-of-factly instead of introducing it as a subject of serious consequences.  Later on, there will be people who will start giving their own thoughts and opinions on the matter and they will base these on guided research that they have looked for themselves.

You can also decide to talk to the administrators and teachers of your child’s school.  Sensitivity for other people’s conditions should be a primary agenda in their curriculum and they would be very open to discussions like these.  Additionally, your child will benefit greatly with a more understanding school system and other parents of children with the same condition will find an avenue to air out their difficulties.

The community is an integral part of any child’s development; when he is suffering from a condition like bed wetting, there is even more importance placed on acceptance from the community.  It is in fact, society that has placed this stigma on a child that wets his bed after he passed the stage of toilet training.  It is high time that the community resolves to remove this mark from a condition that should be treated with sensitivity.