Cope With Bedwetting

by Prav

Coping With Your Child’s Bedwetting

Parents should understand what bedwetting is.

Are you having problems with your child’s bed wetting? If this is the case you should not worry about it too much. It can be hassle with the extra expense with the laundry or diapers but it’s not something that you should be really troubled about.

Bedwetting is not uncommon in children, and most of the time this can go on until the age of seven. Often times, parents worry about their child wetting their beds at night and would often result in disciplinary actions. This could prove to be rather more disadvantageous than being helpful. Bedwetting is involuntary and children would have no control over it and it would be pointless to actually punish a child or reprimand them for urinating when asleep.  This could result into aggravation of the problem or can cause emotional problems with the child.

You, as a parent should become aware what causes the problem. There can be a number of reasons why your child is experiencing bedwetting. One could be a result of family history and others may be caused by medical situations. Now there is no need to panic that there might be something medically wrong with your child if there are no history in your family who has bedwetting problems.  Studies show that parents would usually expect their child to be able to control their urination at an early age; however, it is known that kids would have different ages when they can actually control urination when asleep.

Understanding nocturnal enuresis or nighttime bedwetting is the best way to handle this situation. Before you concern yourself with your child it would be best to first consider what age your child is and see if you have any family history of bedwetting.  You can also consult your pediatrician if you think that your child is too old to be bedwetting. Your child’s doctor would be able to give you the best advice regarding your child’s condition. If your child is 7 years and below it would be most likely that you’re just reacting too much.

Several Treatments for bedwetting

There are several treatments that are being done these days regarding bedwetting although there is no definite treatment that is actually administered to a patient unless the cause of the bedwetting is something specifically medical.  The most common treatment with this is waiting. Almost all children will eventually outgrow this problem like mentioned earlier you may just be expecting that your child will be able to control his body function way too early. Another treatment that provided much success is using bedwetting alarms. These alarms would be able to detect moisture in the bed and would sound really loud to wake up the child. This can help train the child to wake up at the sensation of a full bladder. Drugs can also be used to help with the problem if your child is diagnosed with having medical problems.

You as a parent would not want to further stress your child with bedwetting. If you are worried about this, more likely your child is even more stressed than you. There are studies that show that this stage in a child’s life can cause severe stress to the child and you do not want to be contributing to that stress and help lower your child’s self-esteem.